About Us

Our story begins in 1994 when my mother bought a Dior Fahrenheit for herself, but after the first time I tried, I ended up taking possession of it! Although I didn't know much about perfumes at the time, I was instantly bewitched.
From then on I tried to learn a little more about this world of scents. I became a consumer, then a collector and after a few years I started making some exchanges and small sales. Many friends asked me for advice about perfumes and this was always the item I chose when giving gifts.
In 2019, what was a hobby ended up becoming a business, and since then our biggest commitment has been to help each client fall in love with the world of fragrances. Our focus is personalized service, based on friendship, trust and respect. Every fragrance we deal in is 100% authentic and original. Stored in a cool place, packaged carefully and shipped in the shortest possible time.
Our company is family-owned and driven by our passion! Come with us to discover the perfect scent for you, the one that will awaken feelings, bring back memories and create special moments. Fragrance is one of the most important elements in creating a feeling or mood, the power of perfume can surprise you!